Shuk HaNamal Tel Aviv

  • Shuk HaNamal, the marketplace at the Tel Aviv Port boardwalk, was founded in November 2010 by three entrepreneurs and foodies: Michal Ansky, a food journalist, television presenter and founder of the slow food movement in Israel and nearby farmers market; Shir Halperin, a French-trained chef and food journalist specializing in the history of food; and Roee Hemed an architect and entrepreneur.

    Inspired by covered food markets in Europe, like La Boqueria in Barcelona, the Namal Shuk takes its food cues from the slow food movement, of which Ansky is a major proponent. Founded in 1986 in Italy, Slow Food prioritizes and prefers everything that is the antithesis of fast food. Meaning, preserving traditional and regional cuisine and produce, promoting eco-responsible farming of plants, seeds and livestock, and working toward sustainable foods, farms and local businesses.

    The Namal Shuk is teaming with ripe, fresh, local produce and products ranging from sea foods to jams and cured meats to coffees. It’s open from Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays); and on Fridays a colorful farmer’s market takes over the parking lot next door.