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Around Tel Aviv Markets

Tel Aviv Attractions

  • Old Jaffa

    From Biblical times through ancient times and even up to today, the port city of Jaffa is also considered one of the oldest in the world, and certainly one of the oldest in Israel.
  • Namal Tel Aviv

    The Namal, meaning port, in northern Tel Aviv is a vibrant and happening boardwalk filled with trendy cafes, restaurants and bars, designer clothing shops, market places and night clubs.
  • Nahalat Binyamin

    The outdoor pedestrian mall, known as Nahalat Binyamin, first began in the 1980s as a local, impromptu street fair of 20 artisans selling handcrafted jewelry, ceramics, sculpture and paintings. 
  • Neve Tzedek

    Neve Tzedek, founded in the 19th century, was the first Jewish neighborhood built outside of the ancient, walled-city of Jaffa. And after Jaffa felled its walls, to accommodate for the city’s growth into an intersection with Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek enjoyed a renaissance of trade, culture and urban development.
  • Hatachana

    In 2005, the municipality of Tel Aviv renovated the old Jaffa train station, recognizing the historical significance and potential for tourism. Just five years later, the Station was re-opened to great fanfare.
  • Florentin

    Established in 1927 among the orchards and next to the Jaffa-Jerusalem train, the neighborhood of Florentine took its name from Florence, the Italian city, which was home to many Jews who were expelled from Spain.