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Carmel Market

Cafe Bshuk - Carmel Market

Address: HaCarmel 33, Shuk HaCarmel
Telephone: 03-510-3280

Coffee in the Shuk replaced the veteran Cafe Shtern which hosted shuk customers for more than 30 years, spanning three generations of the Shtern family. When Yaakov Shtern decided to close his long-standing coffee house, two young entrepreneurs, Michah Weiner and Shiri Katzav, jumped at the chance to continue the coffee culture and tradition at the shuk.

With a nod to the nostalgia of Cafe Shtern, and Tel Aviv, this quaint, quality coffee shop offers a range of rich brews, teas and lite bites to match.

Recommended to Taste: Estate coffee brew

Choice Quote: The coffee’s for purveyors of taste