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Carmel Market

Carmel Market Restaurants

  • Sasson

    Sasson offers quick, fresh meals to eat on the go or inside. Meats are grilled to order and served in a baguette or pita bread or on a plate with fresh sauces, salads and pickles.
  • Savtot Mevshlot

    Here, at Grandma’s Cooking, one bite of the Middle Eastern dishes and you’ll be transported back in time, both by the taste and the methods of preparation - also more than 50 years old.
  • Cafe B‘Shuk

    Coffee in the Shuk replaced the veteran Cafe Shtern which hosted shuk customers for more than 30 years, spanning three generations of the Shtern family.

  • Coffee Lab

    Roasted and ground all on-site, Coffee Lab features a range of coffee brews and flavors running the gamut of strength, bitterness, acidity and aroma.
  • La Cafe

    La Cafe was opened by the same entrepreneurs of La Fromagerie at the Shuk Hanamal in northern Tel Aviv. Alongside rich, tasty cups of frothing coffee you’ll find a range of filling breakfast and lunch dishes. 
  • Hummus HaCarmel

    If you thought Hummus was a standard across Israel, you haven’t yet been to Hummus HaCarmel. This place is anything but standard.
  • HaKitzonet

    A small and humble eatery, The Little Meatball serves up hot and tasty Middle Eastern dishes from falafel balls to meatballs, and a lot in between.