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Carmel Market

Carmel Market Stores

  • Welcome to front bros. a crazy little spice store located at the entrence to the carmel market, at the front of a beautiful historical building, at the heart of  the city.
  • Cafe Cohen

    With more than 70 years of restaurant business in his family, Shlomo Cohen’s Cafe Cohen coffee shop continues that tradition. 
  • Amrani Nuts

    Founded in 1935, there is nary a spice that has not graced the shelves of the Amrani’s family spice and nut store in Shuk HaCarmel.
  • Lehamim Bakery

    Despite its new location in Shuk HaCarmel, Lehamim Bakery has been serving up fresh, artisan breads for more than a decade to Tel Aviv locals.
  • Pereg Spices

    Founded by Chaim Pereg, formerly Parig, as a national chain, the Shuk HaCarmel branch offers a range of gourmet spices,  and oils - more than 100 spices actually, tending to every scent and aroma ever sought for your cooking.
  • Cochlani Spices

    For South American flare and fire in the kitchen, look no further than Cochalani Spices.
  • Gabish Vegetable Cutters

    It’s hard to miss the small colorful stall of Yossi Gabish in the center of the Shuk HaCarmel - piles of finely diced and sliced vegetables testify to Yossi’s expert knife skills and his fancy equipment. 
  • Coffee and Toast Corner

    Bar, the smiley shop salesman at The Corner, puts his heart and soul into every cup or grilled toast served. 
  • Tnuva Fish Center

    Nissan is a long-time fisherman and fishmonger, with his shop open since 1986 he’s got the freshest and best fish in the market.
  • Dr. Halva

    There’s a well-known Arabic saying, “there’s no better spice than hunger.” And we believe 'there’s no better sweeter than Halva’, since the word Halva takes from the Arabic for sweet.
  • Urban Nursery

    Eliran Ben Yehuda moved to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem and settled in the Shuk HaCarmel, running a diverse nursery of indoor and outdoor plants and flowers all designed to color-up the concrete, urban backdrop of the city.
  • Nakash Juices

    For the best freshly squeezed juices, head over to Nakash.
  • Spice Bar

    Its catchy jingle, played throughout the store, will help you never forget the delectable range of gourmet spices, herbs, salted fish, pickles and oils carefully displayed before you.
  • Avi Nargila

    Known as both a hookah and nargila, these single or multi-stemmed waterpipes are used for smoking flavored tobaccos (called shisha) like mint, strawberry or apple.

  • Halva and Sweets Center

    Your sweet tooth will sink right in to this everything-sweet shoppe with candies and gummies alongside honey-dripped Middle Eastern-style gyros next to sugary Halva bars.
  • Carmel Delicatessen

    In Israel, a delicatessen isn’t just a cold cut or meat restaurant, here it can name a select or gourmet shop. And the Carmel Deli is no exception.