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Carmel Market

Gabish Vegetable Cutters - Carmel Market

Address: HaCarmel 52, Shuk HaCarmel

It’s hard to miss the small colorful stall of Yossi Gabish in the center of the Shuk HaCarmel - piles of finely diced and sliced vegetables testify to Yossi’s expert knife skills and his fancy equipment. After all, Israelis like their 'market salads’ - of ripe tomatoes, crispy cucumbers and fresh herbs, tossed with olive oil and dash of lemon - cut 'fine, fine’ or 'well-diced’. To many it’s a testament to their mother or grandmother’s cooking, the finer the veggie the more love invested in the salad. So whether you’re looking to marvel at the beauty of raw, chopped produce or buy some tools to help replicate the meal at home, stop by Yossi’s for some pointers.

Choice Quote: Diced super thin.