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Jaffa Flea Market

Restaurants in the Jaffa Flea Market (Shuk HaPishpushim)

  • Leimech

    With Thai beer on tap and a range of delectable treats from the Far and Middle East, Lamech is a great bar restaurant for meeting with friends, or catching your breath after a long day browsing through antique shops or designer duds.
  • Yasso Saloniki

    As its eponymous name implies, Yasso Saloniki is a Greek restaurant, a close cousin of Middle Eastern cuisine.
  • Cafe Matzliach

    A neighborhood coffee and dessert spot, with an intimate and cool atmosphere to match, it’s where you’ll want to stop to refuel with a fresh, rich coffee and homemade pastry with your friends or shopping partners. 
  • Sifo

    A recent addition to the Shuk HaPishpushim, Sifo has become the flea market destination for serious foodies.
  • Falafel Bar

    Situated at the end of the Shuk HaPishpushim, near Jaffa’s ancient clock tower, Falafel Bar specializes in our national fast-food delicacy: warm, fresh pita, filled with spiced, fried falafel balls, layered under fresh, herbed salads, drowned in tahina sauce and topped with french fries.