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Jaffa Flea Market

Jaffa Flea Market Stores (Shuk HaPishpushim)

  • Palestine, Land of Israel

    For more than 20 years, Amotz Yaakobi has been operating his small but jam-packed antique shop. 
  • Taos

    Walking into Taos is like walking on to a Hollywood movie set. Oversized plastic sculptures, kitschy decoration, lighting and other unique antiques give this popular store a taste of another world.
  • Halleluyah

    Here you’ll find a wide selection of musical instruments from around the world including a rain stick from Australia and Thai wooden frogs that croak, alongside locally-made darbuka drums and flutes. 
  • Ja Love

    Joseph is an artist who has seen the world. Born in Paris, raised in Morocco, Montreal, Los Angeles and Amsterdam, he loves to travel and collect objects that remind him of his childhood and the places he’s lived. 

  • Alma

    At Alma, jewelry designer Ava Rodan creates colorful, beaded jewelry for a woman who’s self confident, stylish and individualistic.

  • Sofi

    Sofi is where color, plastic, whimsy and home decor come to celebrate everything fun, funky and eclectic.

  • Renaissance

    An antique shop specializing in decorative objects, Renaissance will transport you to another time and place - perhaps even 18th century Europe.
  • Meril‘s Antiques

    An artist at heart, Dani opened Meril’s Antiques in honor of his uncle, a professional antique salesmen in the US. 
  • Tamuz

    Whether in the dead of winter or the heat of summer, Tamuz serves up delicious fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Santo‘s Juices

    On the corner of the narrow alleyways, jam packed with clothing and trinkets, Santo’s Juices awaits the busy shopper with a refreshing blend of fresh juices and vegetables.
  • Cyrus

    Located on the central market street, Cyrus Sasson’s antique store sells an amazing array of wooden sculptures, porcelain figurines and other rare antiques.
  • Niso‘s Decorative Goods

    Trendy and kitschy are two words that can describe the selection of home goods available at Niso’s.
  • Aki

    Aki’s antique store is the heart and soul of the Jaffa Flea Market. With antique lighting fixtures, projectors and a range of rare antiques unparalleled in Israel. Warning: this shops for real antique lovers only.
  • Mansur Carpets

    Mansur also sells a unique tile carpet where every 'tile’ is made with a different technique, resulting in an amazing work celebrating variations in tradition, practice and style.
  • Tzarfati - Fish of the Sea

    Looking for fresh fish from the Mediterranean? Chaim Tzarfati, known as the go-to fishmonger since 1949, chooses the best and freshest catches from the sea every day.