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Levinsky Bite Card


The Levinsky Market Bites Card

Taste the abundance of the Levinsky market, at your own time and convenience, through one single ticket, for only 110 NIS!

The Bite Card is comprised of 6 slips curated in order to give you a chance to try a variety of products, flavors and the aromas of the market - without having to depend on an organized group, or tour.

*New! now you can find out a few of the market secrets from our audio guide (requires a smartphone with data service, and headphones)

Get the best of the Levinsky Market now!

Take your time - Enjoy the colorful market - Taste the flavors 
The BiteCard isn’t available during Passover

Buy online - Pick up in the market


Number of cards  

Which bites are included in the card?

  Market Delicacies

  Bourekas indulgence 
 (Kosher) or a taste of fish & chips 

 The market Hummus (Kosher) or Falafel

Fresh fruite flavored soda/marzipan  or  a taste of Israeli butique beer

 taste of Jewish cuisine (Kosher) 
  Mini butique capcake (Kosher) or hand made marzipan (available till 13:00)

Number of cards  

Important Details:
1. The tasting details and the locations of some of the shops are subject to change, according to the current situation at the market, and the daily inventory. 
2. Some of the tastings may contain gluten, nuts, sesame, different spices and other food products that should not be eaten by those who are allergic to these products. If you have a doubt that there is a certain food that you are allergic to in one of the tastings, we recommend that you do not purchase the ticket.
3. operating hours: Sun-Thurs 09:30-17:30 Friday 09:30 - until 2 hours before Shabat
4.Fridays are very busy days in the market. Bear in mind you might need to wait in line for some tastings and sitting in the shops might not be availble
5. Ticket pickup is at the Carmel market. After purchasing your tickets, you will receive an E mail with all the information needed.
6.Cancelletion policy: 14 days after the purchase, and only if the cards have not been picked up full refund will be received. After 14 days or if the cards have been picked up there will bo no refund.
7.The Levinsky market bites card in not kosher
8. The card is valid for six months from the date of purchase.
8. The card is not active on National holidays, please check with the list of National Holidays in Israel before the order