Levinsky Market

Levinsky Burekas

Address: Levinsky 46, Shuk Levinsky
Telephone: 03-6818494

Since the Ottoman period, burekas have been a staple of light, Middle Eastern meals. Flaky pastry-dough, shaped into squares, triangles or crescents and filled with salted cheeses, potatoes, mushrooms, spinach and more, burekas are sometimes eaten with coffee, other times with a pickle, but every time their savored as a quick, tasty treat.

Burekas Levinsky make all their burekas by hand, with no margarine, and even offer a range of custom mixes alongside the traditional fillings.

Recommended to Taste:
The traditional potato

Choice Quote:
“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow dot, but others, with the help of their creativity, turn a yellow dot into a bureka - Pablo Picasso, said after eating at Levinsky Burekas”