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Levinsky Market

Levinsky Market Stores

  • Yom Tov Delicatessen

    The Yom Tov Delicatessen at the Shuk Lewinsky is not even from elsewhere in Israel - it’s from Istanbul. Back in 1967, the patriarch of the Yom Tov family, moved to Israel from Turkey, bringing with him a range of local flavors and family recipes.
  • Chaim Raphael

    This store boasts a steady stream of regulars who come for its wide selection of gourmet cheeses, cured olives and meats - all prepared by traditional methods, recipes handed over by generations of Raphaels.
  • Cafe Atlas

    Originally founded in 1924 by a group of Greek immigrants from Saloniki, Cafe Atlas has been managed by David and Juliet Raphael for the past 30 years. In addition to the amazing selection of spices here - including black Turkish mustard and organic flax seed - the store offers an impressive array of healing plants.
  • Har Sinai Nut Shop

    Almost 38 years ago, the Har Sinai family first set up their nut shop on the corner of Nahalat Binyamin Street. The legendary owner, Moshe Har Sinai, raised generations of customers who flock to the cornershop for the colorful and aromatic array of the best and the freshest nuts.
  • Nuts by Moshe and Sons

    A family-run and owned business, Moshe and his sons have been happily roasting up a variety of nuts for sale for more than 40 years. The small shop is jam-packed with other hand-made gourmet items including dried fruits, spices and spice blends for cooking.
  • Chavshush

    Since 1930, Aryeh ChavShush and has family have been carefully curating this array of culinary delights. For locals, it’s the only shop to get those hard to find cooking necessities that turn Middle Eastern meals into experiences.
  • Baklava Mahrum from Nazareth

    Straight from the famous bakery in Nazareth that was founded in 1890, this Shuk shop features the sweetest and freshest Middle Eastern desserts and sweets.
  • Shem Tov

    This colorful store is choc-a-bloc with 'nature’s candy’ as dried fruit, fresh-roasted nuts, and spices all compete for your palette. 
  • Arma Cafe

    Known as the Queen of Grandma’s Remedies, Arma Cafe has been curing and healing shop visitors since 1970. Wondrous tonics, herbs, salves and more line the walls of this store, designed to help with everything from high blood pressure to stomach aches and even remove a curses of the 'evil eye’. 
  • Pereg Spices

    The Shuk Levinsky branch of this nation-wide chain of spices is the most successful of all other franchises, perhaps a testament to the high culinary standards of local Tel Aviv residents.
  • Hachalban

    The perfect fromagerie for fans of local and imported cheeses, cured olives and other delicacies suited to the tastes of hard and soft cheeses.
  • Eyal‘s Cookies

    Eyal’s empire of cookies and baked goods is well known at Shuk Levinsky for his fresh-out-of-the-oven style of serving only the freshest, hottest and best.
  • Chovian Moran‘s Market

    A small spice shop with a family, friendly atmosphere, Chovian Moran’s Market prides itself on its customer service as much as it does its unique selection of dried fruits, nuts and spices.
  • Ezra Gabbay

    Ezra Gabbay’s family-run business offers a colorful range of spices and organic fruits like dates and apricots. 
  • Chayak

    The best cakes across Tel Aviv’s restaurants and coffee shops start here at Chayak, the epicenter of quality ingredients for baking. With colorings, cocoas, cremes and more the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is considered among the best in the world.