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Levinsky Market

  • Shuk Levinsky celebrates a colorful array of flavors and tastes from around the world. From Polish salted herring to Turkish burekas, and Syrian cured olives to Tunisian sandwiches, Shuk Levinsky has everything to eat, drink, taste and savor. Whether you’re here to shop or experience, our Shuk tours combine culinary adventure with historical context as you stop at trendy and traditional eateries along the way. Appealing to all your senses, our tours will show you:
    • Where to find the top Greek stalls for sipping Ouzo and snacking Balkan-style
    • Where to taste a salted fish that gives Bucharest’s best a run for its money
    • Who makes marzipan from almonds ground with the finest millstone
    • Which are the freshest oven-baked cookies in the shuk
    • Whose Chai Masala tastes straight from India

    Join us for an exciting and experiential tour of Shuk Levinsky!
    • The tour is designed for approximately 15 participants 
    • Tours for larger groups are possible, these will be separated to a number of smaller groups according to the size of the initial group
    • Tours can be customized and include visits to nearby historical or tourist attractions
    • The tour is guided by a certified professional instructor
    • The tour takes about 3 hours.

    1. The tour cost includes third party insurance policy coverage.
    2. We accept credit card or cash transfer through bank acounts.
    3. Cancellation terms:
    • up to 7 days before the tour date – no cancellation fees shall apply
    • 4-7 days before the tour date – cancellation fees at the rate of 50% of the total order shall apply
    • up to 4 days before the date of tour – full payment of the total order will be charged.

    For additional details or to prearrange your tour of the Levinsky Shuk, contact us here.

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    Enjoy your visit to the Levinsky Shuk!