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  • The history of the Tel Aviv port, in Hebrew HaNamal, is closely woven into the history of the city itself. From the early 1900s through today, the port has risen in importance and fallen in disrepair time and again. Over the past ten years, the city has led a concerted effort to rebuild the port into the vibrant, trendy and attractive boardwalk pedestrian leisure and culture center that you see today.

    From clothing shops and coffee houses to night clubs and trendy bars, the Namal is happening at all hours of the night - and for visitors of all ages. Seasonal and weekend events host performers and artists in outdoor concerts and exhibitions. Our walking tours will revisit the historical places of yesterday and stop by the trendsetting stops of tomorrow. Among the highlights you’ll discover are:
    • Who was Wolodia Itzkovitz? Who was 'Zev HaYam’ (literally 'wolf fish’)? And what part did he play in the history of the Namal
    • What language did the port workers speak over the centuries
    • What was the role of the Namal during the War of Independence
    • How the early designs of the Namal were preserved in its modern reconstruction

    Join us for an exciting and experiential tour of the Namal!
    • The tour is designed for approximately 15 participants 
    • Tours for larger groups are possible, these will be separated to a number of smaller groups according to the size of the initial group
    • Tours can be customized and include visits to nearby historical or tourist attractions
    • The tour is guided by a certified professional instructor
    • The tour takes about 3 hours.

    Further information, terms and restrictions:

    1. The tour cost includes third party insurance policy coverage.
    2. We accept credit card or cash transfer through bank acounts.
    3. Cancellation terms:
    • up to 7 days before the tour date – no cancellation fees shall apply
    • 4-7 days before the tour date – cancellation fees at the rate of 50% of the total order shall apply
    • up to 4 days before the date of tour – full payment of the total order will be charged.

    For additional details or to prearrange your tour of the Namal, contact us here.

    Have fun at the Namal!