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Carmel Market

Savtot Mevshlot - Carmel Market

Address: HaCarmel Street corner of Kalisher Street, Shuk HaCarmel
Telephone: 052-830-0909

Like in every family, grandma’s cooking is more than spices, it’s the warmth of love, memories and wisdom that only a grandmother can impart. Here, at Grandma’s Cooking, one bite of the Middle Eastern dishes and you’ll be transported back in time, both by the taste and the methods of preparation - also more than 50 years old. Dishes include kubbeh soup, minced meat in bulgur cooked in a vegetable or meat broth; fried chicken breast shnitzel, grilled fish, fish patties and meatballs, rice and couscous and more. It may be crowded but we recommend a pre-Sabbath stop at this place on Friday afternoons.

Recommended to Taste: Beet kubbeh soup

Choice Quote: Home cooking, just like grandma’s.