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Shuk HaNamal Tel Aviv

Shuk HaNamal Stores

  • Anshei HaZayit

    A professional and trained olive grower from central Israel, Zaban produces quality olives and oils including the revered Coratina olive and the popular and peppery Syrian olive.
  • Hacole

    After opening its first store in Holon ten years ago, HaCoola turned into a national chain offering nuts, herbs and spices, dried fruits and other gourmet items.
  • La Fromagerie

    an array of locally produced gourmet cheeses sold at boutique fromageries and dairy farms across the country.
  • Portobello

    At the mushroom farm in Tekoa, established in 1986, they specialize in growing majestic and rare varieties of mushrooms and importing organic vegetables, herbs and other healthy items.
  • Sherry Herring

    Sherry Ansky’s sandwich shop has already received every superlative related to delicious, gourmet food imaginable.
  • FishZone

    The northern kibbutz of Mevo Chama has specialized in farm-raised fish for decades. With the opening of the Shuk HaNamal, they decided to try their luck at bringing their top-quality sea food and fish to Israel’s central region crowds.
  • Village of Eitan Segal

    Eitan Segal is a veteran farmer from Israel’s southern region. After traveling to Mexico to train in their cucumber harvesting methods, Eitan returned to Israel to champion the rich, crispy and mouthwatering taste of ripe, seasonal cucumbers.
  • Uri Rabinovich Tzofit

    With most of the produce here fresh from the earth - you can still smell and see the dirt - Uri’s Shuk stall attracts Israeli chefs seeking top quality, tasty and all natural vegetables and fruit like baby sweet potatoes and wild strawberries.
  • HaYarok

    For the Green family, growing organic fruits and vegetables is more than a business, it’s a way of life. Having trained in organic farming at the University of California, Mr. Green continues his family’s farming traditions within an all natural and organic framework, out of his love for the land and the earth.
  • Arcosteel Kitchen

    Arcosteel premium treated kitchenware includes pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, baking trays, serving plates and more.