Carmel Market

  • Shuk HaCarmel extends the length of HaCarmel Street, from Magen David Square to the end of Carmalit, and across the nearby streets of the Keren HaTeimanim neighborhood and Nahalan Binyamin pedestrian mall. Most of the stalls are open from 8am until the early hours of the night. On Friday the shuk closes in the early afternoon, earlier in winter, and is closed on Saturday.

    Public Transportation:
    From the New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv:
    Dan Bus lines 4 or 204
    Public taxi minibuses 4 or 5 to Allenby Street

    From Central (Merkaz) Train Station:
    Dan Bus lines 18, 61 or 82
    From University Train Station (for Tel Aviv University):
    Dan Bus lines 24 or 25


    Ahuzat HaHof Carmel - Kalisher Street, corner with HaCarmel Street. Pay lot with 313 public spaces to fill.

    ATM Cash Withdrawal Machines:

    Bank HaPoalim, Allenby 65
    Bank Discount, Allenby 76

    Public Restrooms:

    Yehiye Kapach 3