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Shuk HaNamal Tel Aviv

  • The Shuk HaNamal is located in Hanger 12 at the Namal Tel Aviv, pedestrian boardwalk area.

    Open Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday. On Fridays, the Shuk host a farmer’s market nearby.

    Public Transportation:

    From the New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv, on the 4th floor:
    Dan public minibuses, line #4

    Other bus lines that come near the Shuk HaNamal:
    Dan 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 100, 129
    Egged 89, 174

    For arrivals by private car:

    Coming from northern Rokach Boulevard, turn right onto Yordei HaSirah Street. The Namal is at the end of the street along with pay parking lots.


    Reading parking lot: free and open to the public
    Ahuzat HaHof parking pay lot

    Hotels nearby:

    Armon HaYarkon, HaYarkon 268
    Alexander Hotel, Chabkuk 3
    Grand Beach Hotel, HaYarkon 250