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Levinsky Market


צילום: נילי גורןצילום: נילי גורןצילום: נילי גורן
Address: Zevulun 5, Shuk Levinsky
Telephone: 077-5565887
Hours. 8:30 - 19:30
Wifi on site
Credit cards accepted
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Founding this bistro was Yahaloma Levi’s dream. After leaving the communications world, she set up this beautiful oasis of an eaterie where she cooks to preserve the memories and tastes of the Egyptian fare she grew up with - and blend it with a contemporary twist.

The menu boasts breakfast and lunch dishes that are all hand-made with love and attention to detail. Yahaloma’s ingredients are all top quality and come from the local produce sold at the market just next door. Her signature dish, called ful-ya, consists of warm Egyptian Fava beans dressed with traditional Arab Tahini, lemon garlic and a bit of cumin. Served with fresh parsley, a hard boiled egg, pickled radishes, and pita breads, it’s a delectable and satisfying meal for the traditionalist and the foodie alike.

The 'yahaloma’ sandwich is another popular dish, a warm, open-faced roastbeef sandwich with homemade mustard and mayonnaise, sliced pineapple, hot pepper, and arugula on a fresh, toasted focaccia roll. If you’re more interested in salads, the Levinsky salad, has everything you need: carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, kohlorabi, scallions, and peppers all chopped up and piled high and dressed with fresh lemon, olive oil and herbs; adoring the top are toasted-herbed croutons and slices of Buffalo cheese (made from Buffalo milk).

Daily specials offer more experimental dishes with local, fresh produce that are worth a try.

The menu features a range of vegetarian and vegan options. And Yahaloma plans on opening a dinner bistro in the coming months.