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Levinsky Market

Yom Tov Delicatessen

Address: Lewinsky 43, Shuk Lewinsky
Telephone.  03-681-3730

The Yom Tov Delicatessen at the Shuk Lewinsky is not even from elsewhere in Israel - it’s from Istanbul. Back in 1967, the patriarch of the Yom Tov family, moved to Israel from Turkey, bringing with him a range of local flavors and family recipes. The store he opened then is now run by Itan and Yomi who continue grandfather’s culinary traditions in their preparation of home cooked foods. The most Turkish of the foods on sale here is the sweet sesame confection called halva. But rounding out the Middle Eastern love for colorful and fresh salads are a range of spiced vegetable salads (beet, carrot, tabouleh, and more), boutique cheeses and homemade jams which are based on secret family recipe.

Yomi is also an encyclopedia of culinary trivia and will be happy to share with you his rich experience in food, cooking and tales from the shuk. Yomi and Eitan are very hands on with all items for sale in their store - including tasting everything before it goes out to make sure it’s top notch. This small delicatessen is always packed both because of its delicious foods and family, friendly atmosphere among locals. A staple of the Shuk Lewinsky, the Yom Tov Delicatessen is a must stop on your tasting trail.

Recommended to taste:

Cherry jam with whiskey

Choice quote:

The best is Yom Tov (in Hebrew “HaChi Tov Yom Tov”)