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  • ShukTLV  was founded as a partnership initiative of three leading firms operating in the realm of Jerusalem entertainment, tourism and marketing: More Tourism & Gastronomy, the Jerusalem tourism portal and Action Packed Media.

    A boutique travel company, More specializes in marketing and culinary tourism in Jerusalem and its surroundings.
    The company specializes in the development of and marketing for unique products in Jerusalem and in the Judean Hills, producing tours in and around the Machane Yehuda Market as well, a niche industry in which More has emerged as a leader.
    As a Jerusalem-based firm from its inception, More is located in the picturesque Jerusalem outskirts of the Ein Kerem village, providing clients with know-how and experience in the realm of Jerusalem guided tours.

    GoJerusalem operates the most complete and dynamic resource for tourism, restaurants, hotels, museums, shopping, urban living, nightlife and culture in the city of Jerusalem.
    Via its family of websites in English and Hebrew, weekly email newsletters and top-draw presences on Facebook and Twitter, GoJerusalem reaches hundreds of thousands of audience members each month. The level of authority which GoJerusalem has carved out for itself is reflected in the brand's domination of all relevant Google search results.
    Together with our ongoing engagement on social media, our content reaches over 300,000 Jerusalem-loving users per month and is exposed to over 20,000,000 Google users per month via targeted search results.

    A boutique firm based in Jerusalem, Action Packed Media provides managed care services for marketing and maintaining web-based projects.  
    Clients turn to Action Packed Media for retainer-structured management of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, blogger outreach, back office services and 24-hour moderation of user-generated content.