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Jaffa Flea Market


Address: Amiad 11, Shuk HaPishpushim
Telephone: 03-683-2001

Nestled amid the colorful storefronts, Leimech is a street bar named after Lamech the son of Metusela and the father of Noah, from the Book of Genesis. Genesis 5 records that Lamech was 182 at the birth of his son Noah, and that Lamech lived another 595 years after that. For bar owners, this was an inspiration for longevity and healthy living - the kind that kicking back with a beer and a hot dog while the world passes on by busily seem to capture.

With Thai beer on tap and a range of delectable treats from the Far and Middle East, Lamech is a great bar restaurant for meeting with friends, or catching your breath after a long day browsing through antique shops or designer duds. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are on the menu. Live  music shows add to the cool atmosphere.

Recommended to taste:
Cheese bruschetta

Choice Quote:
Lengthening days.