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Carmel Market

Pereg Spices - Carmel Market

Address: HaCarmel 9, Shuk HaCarmel
Telephone: 052-484-8708

Founded by Chaim Pereg, formerly Parig, as a national chain, the Shuk HaCarmel branch offers a range of gourmet spices,  and oils - more than 100 spices actually, tending to every scent and aroma ever sought for your cooking.

Here you’ll learn that Ras al Hanut is the name of a Morrocan blend of spices used for slow cooked meals such as stews or stuffed vegetables. Or discover that the sweet lemony herb called melissa treats mild depression when steeped fresh in teas.

Recommended to Taste:
Coriander seeds (paired with fresh, grilled fish fillets)

Choice Quote:
The small secret to great taste.