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Yalla Basta culinary tours in tel aviv

Experience Tel-Aviv's Best Food Markets at your own time and pace!


Newcomers? We've made you the following explanation clip!

Take the Yalla Basta bite cards - the perfect way to experience Israel's most popular marketplaces on a self-paced, self-guided culinary tour.

Each card contains six vouchers for samples of the delicious, diverse flavors available at the stalls and restaurants in the marketplace.

How does it work?

 Buy the card online right here at our site

 Immediately receive your reservation number and the pick up address   

 Pick up your card at the chosen market

Start your culinary experience together with our audio tour


Here are our bite cards for the faboules Tel-Aviv's food markets:
  • The Carmel Market Bite Card

    The Carmel Market is Tel Aviv's most popular marketplace, attracting thousands of visitors all year round. Our Bite Card will help you explore the market and discover its hidden corners and lesser-known side streets. All for 110 NIS!
  • The Levinsky Bite Card

    Enjoy a visit to Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Market (the Shuk Lewinsky) by eating your way through it! Our Levinsky Tel Aviv Shuk Bites card and self-guided tour gives you access to the best locally produced foods, as well as the friendliest vendors and opportunities for shuk-style banter - All for 110 NIS!
  • Flea Market Bite card

    Enjoy strolling the fascinating flea market of old Jaffa- while tasting the best delicacies around! With the bite card, enjoy Couscous with slow cooked stew, a bite of Hummus with tahini, fresh squeezed juice, brick over baked breads, homemade local sweet drink and a scoop of ice cream - All for 110 NIS!